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How to Reach Dhekiakhowa Barnamghor:

1) By Road: Dhekiakhowa Bornamghor is well connected by road service with other parts of Assam. While coming from Jorhat town through NH-37 towards Sivasagar, after crossing Lahdoigarh police station the main entrance gate of Bornamghor situated. Around 3.5 Km away from main gate the Bornamghor is situated.

2) By Train: Jorhat town is well connected with rail service across the country. Daily Guwahati-Jorhat Janashatabdi express runs from Guwahati early in the morning. The other railway junction is Mariani which is almost 30 km from the city. All the major trains like Rajdhani Express stops in Mariani station.

3) By Air: Jorhat having own airport in Rowriah which is well connect with rest of the country. Rowriah is almost 10 Km far from the city.

  • ভাওনা প্রদৰ্শন-১৭ চেপ্তেম্বৰ, ২০১৪
  • অহা ১,২,৩ অক্টোবৰত শ্রী শ্রী শংকৰদেৱৰ জন্ম জয়ন্তী আৰু মাধৱদেৱ সংগীত মহাবিদ্যালয়ৰ ৰূপালী জয়ন্তী উদযাপন কৰা হ'ব।

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