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 I had the good fortuns of visiting Dhekiakhowa and worshipping at the Bor Namghar today. The solemn atmosphere and peace of the place is to be experienced and not described. The managing committee has ambitious plans to provide better facilities to pilgrims and to undertake new construction work. I wish them all success in their endeavours.
M. Gopalkrishna
Deputy Commissioner, Sibsagar District21 st July 1977

A very thrilling experience.
Professor & Mrs. Henary Report
University of California
Berkely, California, U.S.A.
Sonya Rapoport.

 A very well maintained Namghar with a very good environment crestes a religious and spiritual experience.

My daughter and I have appreciated our visit to Dhekiakhowa Bar-Namghar, the beauty and sincerity of this place, and the kindness shown to us.
Sally Dodgson
Jorhat Christian Hospital

It was an additional to my knowledge how the message of great saint brings about the great cultural heritage of our motherland unity inspite of some diversities. I was very much impressed by the cool and clam atmosphere of worship in the temple. My visit in Assam would have been incomplete without having learnt this religious aspect of this part of country.
G.B. Sarmah

Archaeological Officer, Punjab, Chandigarh

 This indeed exhilaring expering to have visited the Namghar.
A. Rogubir
Chief Justice, Guwahati, 17-4-89

I have visited the Dhekiakhowa Namghar for the 2nd time and my experience is very good. I am charmed with the workers of the Namghar.
District Judge, 17-4-89

It was an extremly pleasant moment of my life to be in NAMGHAR established by Madhavdeva lying in Dhekiakhowa in Jorhat. The atmosphere of this Namghar to me a great deal. Things are very well organised. Inspite of the fact that I am a new man here and know very little of the local language. I did not have any difficulty in performing my puja. I think to organisers here and wish them all the best in their kind act.
Dr. Ajit Kumar
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology
Howzkhrs, New Delhi-110016

Self visited this famous Namghar with my wife today on 31.01.85. I was overwhelmed with this Namghar. I was told that this is the most famous one in Assam. I was glad that the caretakers were trying their best to preserve the valuable things and their Namghar. I wish this Namghar as in the past will bring the poeple closer and make their minds pure.
A.K. Millick
S.P. Jorhat, 31.01.85

Our experience is for our memory to last our life time. This is our fourth visit. At last we have experienced something unforgetable.
God is with us on your blessing.

Bas Saikia
Woodbridge, Fair Oaks Bloxurch, West Midlands, U.K.

 It is my good fortune that I am present here today i.e. on 15.03.2002. I am extremely happy to see this historical Namghar founded by Srimanta Madhabdev. I am highly impressed by the devotional atmosphere prevailing at this holy place. Really Indias original religious culture is preserved at such places which provide immense inspiration to the people. May Lord Krishna bless everybody.
Shyam Vidyarthi
Director, DDK, Dibrugarh

Today I visited the Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar for the first time. I found a huge gathering of pilgrim / devotees coming on foot, by two-wheeles, light and heavy motor vehicles on a narrow village road. There have been problems of parking, shops/establishment etc.Despite, the committee has been doing yeomen service in organising the whole programme in a systematic manner. It made a co-ordinated and concisted efforts from all the sector of the society govt., non govt. and individuals etc. for overall development of this historical & sacred Namghar.
I wish every best the committee in their endeavours for development of this institute.

Ravi Kota
D.C. Jorhat

 I have a keen desire for Darshan of this great and pious Bor Namghar. God fulfiled my desire to visit this holy place. This is worship of Lord Krishna. The environment is really peaceful and lovely. I have deep regards for all people of Assam. I salute to this holy green land all sons and daughters of this land.
S.K. Puri
B-174 ONGC COlny, Nazira

I am very pleased to visit the tranquil environment of this very holy place and I extend my best wishes to all families and members of this pristin, holy Bornamghar.
Sri Ajoy Sing,
Honourable Govenor of Assam
Retd. Lt. General on his august visit to Bornamghar on 22-08-2003

I was very happy to visit this historic & auspicious Namghar & meet the office bearers of the Namghar Managing Committee. I hope to come more often. With best wishes.
T.Y. Das
Commissioner UAO

I feel that it is my provilage to visit Dhekiakhowa Bornamghar. It was very exciting to see the Namghar established by Sri Sri Madhabdev. The executive Committee Members are friendly & committeed to the welfare of the society. It was a revelation to me to know that the light inside the Namghar has been burning since the last 555 years. If people living in other parts of the country could know about it, the spiritual void will be removed and our country will be a better place to live.
Rakesh Chandra Narayan
5D/C, Shantikunj
204 ABC, NSC Bose Road, Kolkata-700047 date 10-02-2004

Thank you for the welcome and hospitality. It was good to hear the chanting and singing this morning!
William Weir (U.S.A.)
On cycle tour of Orissa,
West Bengal and Assam

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